NBC Crew Filming In Bunker Hours Before Hawaiian Missile Warning

By: Gaia Staff  |  Jan. 23rd, 2018

In an NBC Nightly News report that aired two days after the recent Hawaiian missile alert false alarm, it was confirmed that a film crew was given access to the highly secure, missile defense bunker from which the alert was sent just hours before it occurred.

The video begins with NBC correspondent, Jacob Soboroff, claiming that, Hours before the false alarm sounded with a warning of an inbound missile, we had exclusive access to the bunker where it was sent from.”

The video then shows footage of Soboroff being given a tour of the Civil Defense Emergency Operating Center at Fort Ruger in O’ahu.

The government spokesperson giving the tour tells Soboroff, “Let me take you to where the show starts,” before showing him the encrypted, secure phone to the Pacific Command, or PACOM.


The spokesperson’s ominous choice of words is almost as bizarre as the question of why an NBC film crew was shooting a segment at the exact bunker from which the false alarm was sent just hours before it happened.

Two days later a similar false alarm warning was sent to Japanese residents warning of an inbound ballistic missile launched by North Korea. The message warned citizens to evacuate buildings and to seek shelter underground. Five minutes later a corrected text message was sent that it was a false alarm.

There have been a number of strange circumstances that continue to add to the already bizarre stories surrounding the Jan. 13 false alarm warning. What exactly is going on here?

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