It is alarming to see the amount of waste entering our landfills increasing at such a high rate. Recycling is an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste cluttering landfills. Most people are aware that paper, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans are recyclable, but there are many more items that can be recycled that have a lower profile.

Some important ones are batteries, household appliances and electronic waste.


Rechargeable batteries are accepted for recycling in the Charge up to Recycle! Program. The North America-wide program is run by the battery industry.Once your rechargeable batteries no longer keep their charge, you can take them to any of these participating retailers: London Drugs, the Source by Circuit City, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Staples Business Depots, and Zellers (there are many others, ask around in your area). The batteries are sent to recycling facilities where the metals are recovered and made into new products. There are some private companies and municipalities that accept household alkaline batteries for recycling.

To reduce the environmental impact of batteries, purchase rechargeable batteries.

Household Appliances

Fridges and freezers should be recycled so that the Freon gas they contain is not released into the atmosphere as Freon destroys the ozone layer. There are facilities that are licensed to remove these gases from fridges and freezers.

Ask about such programs in your area. Most landfills and transfer stations accept large appliances for recycling, such as washers and dryers.

Electronic Waste

Many electronic items contain components that can cause environmental damage when thrown into landfill. Circuit boards contain metals like cadmium, antimony, and lead. Indeed, electronics are a source of heavy metals. The plastics of computer casings release harmful chemicals when incinerated. Many areas in North America have programs in place to recycle old computers, televisions, and cell phones. Ask around in your area.

Unfortunately, landfills are littered with harmful objects that could have been recycled.

By taking advantage of programs that assist with recycling items such as batteries and fridges, you are not only helping to reduce waste in our landfills, helping to reduce pollution and promote a cleaner environment for us and our children.


Michelle Trantina

Teaching Hatha and pre-natal yoga since 2001, Michelle Trantina is the co-founder of and produces as well as creates most of its video content and platforms.

Her interest in multiple forms of yoga, meditation, voice, and movement work from an early age expanded to exploring mind-body connection, and how our state of being affects who we are and what we experience. In 2005, her love of film and entrepreneurial endeavors emerged and her passion for yoga and wellness lead to My Yoga.

Michelle Trantina took her first yoga class back in 1991 and since then has explored multiple other forms of yoga’s. Yoga has been a tremendously trans-formative and powerful part of her life so she loves to share this with others through My Yoga Online. Currently, she can be seen in the yoga television series Namaste airing worldwide.


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