4 Ways to Reprogram Yourself With Yoga


Nurture With Yoga, Change Your Nature

Yoga presents an opportunity to recalibrate and reprogram some of the mental and physical responses that you have learned over the years. While you cannot change the nature of the modern world, yoga helps nurture healthier responses to things beyond your control.


1. Rewrite Your Stress Response

Stress occurs in the body via involuntary processes meant to activate when danger arises, but humans have developed the psychological power to process minor stress no differently than if they were running from hungry bears. With yoga, learn how to calm the fight-or-flight response through gentle yoga. Stress is inevitable, but also manageable.


2. Develop New Neural Pathways

Consider the enlightenment that may come with breaking old thought patterns. The mind is an endless cacophony, but it can be trained to take naps. It is not only possible to blaze new trails in the brain. It is a necessary aspect to health and longevity.


3. Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

To stress is human. To relax is divine. Humans have the power to transform pain and suffering into awareness and relaxation.

4. Find Peace With Your Limbic System

Embark on this powerful meditation that urges each individual to sit with pain. When you don’t feel emotions completely, you create pockets of tension in the body. This meditation honors the importance of processing pain on the path to bliss.

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