Spiritual Housekeeping: 3 Ways to Clear Out the Emotional Clutter

Karmic debt is the need for some serious housekeeping. It’s funny how we can be lulled into complacency when things seem like they are going well. It’s not until the s#!t hits the fan that you realize you may have left behind some unfinished business that did not seem pressing at the time. During this mini-sabbatical, silly dramas and romances take center stage and the frivolous nature of our leisure time can begin to blur the lines of reality. Then it hits, hard-knock reality and we realize Oohhh, that thing I put off has spiraled into a mini-tornado.

Have you seen the Disney movie about the ants and the lazy grasshopper? The grasshopper was living it up, playing the fiddle, having a gay old time while the "boring" ants were working day in and day out. Come winter the grasshopper was singing a different tune freezing outside in the cold watching the ants relax in warm comfort. Well, the same goes for our inner work and personal evolution.

You may be saying, that self-help stuff is a bunch of hogwash and quite frankly these new-agers are just aging trust fund babies or fried ex-hippies who need to get real. While in some cases you may be right, spiritual housekeeping and clearing away the wreckage of the past is work no one can miss out on. This is your real-life assignment; without working on old issues, behaviors and emotions, you may find yourself in quite a pickle one day. Check out these three ways to clear out your emotional clutter.

Ditch the Negative

Harboring negative feelings about the past, old grudges, conditioned belief systems that you have lazily kept hold of, do you no good in this life. These are the key ingredients to a recipe for disaster, unhappiness, misery and discontent. Sure, ignorance can serve as a safety blanket for a while, but festering underneath lurk old wounds that can’t heal with a little band aid on.

Be Proactive with Your Emotions

But you can’t fix big cuts with a small bandage. Sometimes you need to be a little more proactive, really do some deep healing and dedicate some time to your recovery. The wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am style of conflict resolution never has positive lasting results; in fact, not only does it defer the problem but it exacerbates it as well. So often we turn our inner self into a receptacle for issues we just can’t face, and worse, we often forget to empty the trash until it begins to smell. Perhaps at this point we get angry at others for not taking it out for us, or perhaps for not letting us know sooner.

Manifest Mindfulness

No, friends this is not the easier softer way. Mindfulness does not mean living in denial and letting real issues pile up while we float in Samadhi and spiritual etherea. We must create the clean, green environment we seek within our own souls. We must be the custodians of our own BS. We are the decorators of our inner home, so why are we stuffing it with things we deny exist or cluttering it with things we will get around to doing when we have more time. The time is now.

We cannot move forward, liberated and free when chained to our past and carrying a pile of junk. So what’s lurking in the cupboard of our mind and soul? What junk drawer in the back of our heart is swarmed with knick-knacks and old paperwork? Where did we put our keys to future success? Time to clean out the closets of your inner world and donate those old suits and layers to the universe to recycle into something new.

It’s karmic cleaning time and it’s long overdue. Now remember, Rome was not built in a day, and big things can happen one day at a time. Namaste, my dears!

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