The Surprising Truth about Creativity and Limitations

Have you ever felt limited?

You know, limited by your ability in mind, body, or spirit?

Doesn't that thought feel kind of "meh." Especially after hearing something like "you can do anything."

What we will ourselves to do, we can often do... but we can't do anything and everything. For instance, maybe we were born with hamstrings that will never be long enough for a full split. Maybe we were born blind and will never see color like others.

Well, the good news is that we are all limited and our limitations can be seen as a great strength for our creativity. This idea can relate to the subtle energies in our body, also known (in a simplified definition) as chakras.

The first chakra in the body is known as the root chakra, or in Sanskrit as the Muladhara Chakra. This chakra governs our sense of belonging, security, groundedness, and our ability to have what we want and need in life. The root chakra is also limited. In other words, because its essence is in grounding and survival, it inherits a quality of limitation just by its very nature.

The root chakra is not is not typically identified with creativity; however, in many traditions of thought, this chakra is the foundation and without our foundation we know not where to even begin in being creative. In essence, the foundation is needed for all the other parts of ourselves to flourish.

Think of a container: a box, a yogurt container, or a home. This container is always going to be limited by what it can actually hold, but what is inside of that container can be either beauty or junk. It can be fluid or stagnant. The first chakra is like this too. It is within the limitations of the first chakra that you can grow, manifest, and create deeply.

As written in the I Ching (here in a translation by Wilhelm Baynes):

"Limitation has success...Unlimited possibilities are not suited to man; if they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless. To become strong a man's life needs the limitations ordained by duty, and voluntarily accepted.”

So think of this: You, in your vessel of a beautiful body, are a container. Within your boundaries you can explore.
You can explore the language of yourself and your creativity by simply valuing your very human and very unique limits.

How to Strengthen Your First Chakra

To strengthen your sense of first chakra grounded and earth energy, try these exercises:

1. Surround Yourself with Red

Wear the color red, seek red flowers, find red in nature.

2. Use Essential Oils

Try essential oils like sandalwood, spruce, cedar, frankincense—diffuse in the air of your meditation or yoga space.

3. Improve Your Digestion

**** Eat protein rich foods: lentils, quinoa, cauliflower and eggs.

4. Say Affirmations

****Try this one: "I am safe, I am grounded, I belong."

5. Creativity Prompt

Go into nature and check out the floor of the earth: what is crawling, growing, soaking, and living down there? Sit, look, and give the floor of this planet your undivided attention. Write or sketch about what you see.

6. Yoga, Pilates, and Movement

Really anything and everything on the floor will do. Roll out your mat and stay there.

Some fantastic yoga poses to include are cat/cow (marjariasana) for grounding, locust pose (salabhasana), and mountain pose (tadasana).

Pilates movements for grounding could be swan, swimming or leg circles. You could also try simply slow walking barefoot outside on the grass.

May your journey into the first chakra, and understanding your limits, be a place of pure potential for your creative endeavors—both present and in the future.


Judith, Anodea. Wheels of Life. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1989.

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