(Transcript) Wisdom Teachings – Season 19, Episode 1: The Wars of Maldek


David Wilcock tells of an ancient war which destroyed two advanced civilizations and sparked the evolution of intelligent life on Earth. Eons ago, ancient civilizations thrived upon a giant earthlike planet and its watery moon. But the warlike tendencies of these peoples betrayed the advancements of their sciences and technology. In an instant, all that they had built was destroyed. But life must go on, and it did. This presentation was originally presented December 7, 2015. Read the full episode here!

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DAVID WILCOCK: All right. [FEIGNS EXPLOSION] Here it comes, another episode of the amazing proof that I’m giving you to back up the testimony of Corey Goode in our show “Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m sure you’ve been on edge of your seat. You’ve been waiting for this. Or maybe you’re just binge watching it, and you’re sitting there with popcorn, just– anyway, either way, this is going to be an amazing episode, because in this episode, I’m going through more of the evidence for the Ancient Builder Race, which allegedly built out most of the moons in our solar system with highly advanced internal structure.

And we’re going to talk about the planet that was eventually settled as a Super-Earth in what is now the asteroid belt. They blew themselves up in a war that they had. We’re going to see a lot more about that in this episode, the hidden history of the wars of Maldek.

So that’s a lot of things to cover, and let’s get started right away. I’m going to very briefly recap some of what we discussed before, because I didn’t quite get to the point. So in the previous episode, I showed you Saturn’s moon Mimas, as well as others that look like the Death Star– very interesting. Why would George Lucas pick this same exact shape and say that it could destroy other planets? Why does Mimas have this weird Pac-Man shape? I mentioned that it could be that that extra heat that you’re seeing there is an actual civilization inside. If that doesn’t make sense, just go watch the previous episode. And also Saturn’s moon Tethys has the exact same type of temperature anomaly as well. Again, the heat is exactly where it shouldn’t be, but these straight lines like Pac-Man suggest there’s a civilization inside. It’s still there now. That confirms completely what Corey Goode has been saying with his testimony you’ve been hearing on “Cosmic Disclosure.”

When we look at Saturn’s moon Enceladus, it has a square on the south pole. And not only is it square, but it’s got a hot spot showing that it could be like a base, and it’s got these grooves in it, suggesting that they tunneled out the earth inside the moon there, and they built their bases in there. You want to have nice long hallways so people get their own areas against the walls, and there’s rectilinear geometry, 90-degree angles, between these internal passageways, which look just like images of lidar and ground-penetrating thermal radar of underground bases on Earth.

Then we have Iapetus, the moon that was used in Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001” in the book as a portal into another dimension. And this one is the weirdest of all, because it has a strange equatorial ring that’s over 2,000 kilometers long and up to 20 kilometers high, as I was showing you in the previous episode. It has strange geometric facets as the light plays across its surface. That geometry is seen at a variety of different angles.

These were taken from October 20 and 22 in 2004. It has what may be a little tower on it or something. We don’t really know if that’s a star or exactly what that is. You can actually see the straight-line geometry in some images taken of the surface, as you see right here. And of course, this one shows very clearly what appears to be at least four different geometric lines on the surface as the sun is reflecting over it.

This suggests, again, that Iapetus has a geodesic structure inside of rebar, similar to the idea of a Buckminsterfullerene. It has polygonal geometry. I was asked to use that word and I would sound smart, so I just did. [FEIGNS EXPLOSION] How do you like that? All right.

Anyway, forbidden archaeology is very strange, because there’s this story in there of the Klerksdorp spheres, of which there were hundreds found in Africa, in South Africa, right where Michael Tellinger is. They dug it out of this sporophyte rock that’s very soft, only 3 on the Mohs scale. And these spheres clearly look like they’ve been sculpted, and they’re made out of something that is a metal that is so hard that steel cannot scratch it. They have the same grooves around them that we just saw on Iapetus.

And a lot of them have the Death Star configuration as well with the little thing there. So what in the world is going on here when we’re seeing these Klerksdorp spheres in 2.8-billion-year-old rock? That suggests that’s when they were left there. Well, as I said last time, the Law of One series describes that Ra, the source of the Law of One, evolved out of third density, became a fourth-dimensional society 2.6 billion years ago. That’s only 0.2 billion years off from the Klerksdorp spheres.

And based on what Corey Goode has told us, they built an impregnable barrier around our solar system. So these are the original ancient builder race people, what the folks in the Cabal or Illuminati call the progenitors. They have found ruins with chairs in them and seats and thrones and everything, showing that these people were 70 feet tall. And that’s the height difference between a 70-foot tall human and one of us there at the puny, wimpy little six feet there on the bottom. I mean, this guy could just stomp us down and not even have to worry about it.

So in my book that’s coming up in August 2016, “The Ascension Mysteries,” I’m going to be going through all this stuff. As I’ve said before, your pre-orders will help to ensure it gets on the “New York Times Bestseller List,” which is not about money. Believe me, you don’t make money writing books. It’s about credibility and breaking through the mainstream media firewall. This is the third time now that we’re going to try to do this and hopefully get some mainstream action here. If the Cabal starts to crumble, that could very well occur. And these stories, I do believe, need to get out.

So as I said, the Cabal traces themselves back to these progenitors. And isn’t it interesting “The da Vinci Code,” the bloodline of the Illuminati, the Holy Grail, where at the end of the movie, the big punch line is that Mary Magdalene had a child with Jesus, and then it turns out that there’s a whole bunch of them, and they’re all part of this weird group that meets at the end. And the remains of Mary Magdalene are kept in a sarcophagus at the bottom of what? A crystal pyramid in the Louvre in France.

Now, if they knew in their religion that their Progenitors came from our solar system and migrated to the Earth, and they were the ancient builder race, and what do they build? Crystal pyramids. This all lines up very, very nicely with that pivotal scene at the end of the film. I don’t think this is an accident.

The idea here is that the ancient builder race built, according to what Corey has told us on “Cosmic Disclosure”– I don’t know if those episodes will have aired yet, but they’re in there– that this group built an impregnable barrier around our solar system. So what I propose is that these moons that I’ve been showing you where the defense grid, that when that defense grid was first built 2.6 billion years ago when they made these little spheres and dropped them off on Earth, they were honoring a technology that they had built throughout our solar system so that if anybody tries to come in, the moon gives off this big blast of energy right where that beam saucer is, just like you see in Star Wars, and they blow these guys out of the sky.

Hence, Corey told us millions of years ago, they set this defense grid up, and nobody dared come anywhere near our solar system. This civilization spread out throughout the whole solar system. And it wasn’t until, according to the other insider, Bruce, who was Richard Hoagland’s top man on the inside for many years– and then he throws his arm around me back in 2007 and says, you know, David, you’re about 75% correct. Well, what’s the other 25% percent? It’s a long story. Let me tell.

So then we go off and have dinner. It was only in August 2014 that this insider, Bruce, finally shared with me a lot of this material about the ancient builder race. But his level of the cover-up was that everything dates back starting 5 million years ago. That’s where in the Law of One they say that humans first started to colonize the Earth, although the Earth was not in third density. And this is also what Corey’s testimony has revealed, that new ETs came in, they started to colonize, and they started to build new stuff on top of ruins that by this point were hundreds of millions of years old.

So these moons were probably already pretty decayed by that point, but they’re still there. It’s just that now you can’t really see how symmetrical and how perfect they would have looked like when they were first built. But the Klerksdorp spheres show that very, very clearly.

So here again, we’re seeing a diagram of the Death Star on the left, Iapetus in the middle, and the Klerksdorp sphere on the right. They look kind of similar, don’t they? Hm. [CHUCKLES] This is wild stuff. If you’re not amazed, then I guess you just have been watching too much television and not the right kind of television.

Here, let me hit you with another example. This is the asteroid 433 Eros, which also has clear evidence of, probably in this case not the ancient builder race, but the more recent groups who came in after the Super-Earth exploded and then built out some of the asteroids, mined them, and build bases inside them. Well, typically what do we do when we build a base or any type of structure? We’re going to build a square foundation. We’re going to build some kind of a rectangular room, just like the room I’m in right now. And if you’re going to build it inside an asteroid, then you’ve got to dig out the area inside and make it rectangular, right?

Well, what if over time the roof collapses? Then what you’re going to get is this declivity in the surface of the asteroid that kind of looks like a square. So if we can find a square on an asteroid, that’s going to be pretty frickin’ cool. But what if there’s more than one? What if there’s actually a group of three of them side by side? That’s going to look pretty interesting.

So here’s 433 Eros. And you can see these grooves. And there’s a crater in the middle. This was taken by the NEAR probe. And this is from February 14, 2000. Now check this out. When we go to this next image, we have a NASA press release from September 26, 2000, titled– drum roll please– [FEIGNS DRUMROLL]– “Square Craters.” NASA press release from 2000 entitled “Square Craters on 433 Eros.” And you can clearly see three squares.

And they say, oh, rare, but not impossible. An overzealous fan of Star Trek might mistake the impact scars for places where cube-shaped board vessels touched down and lifted off again. But scientists say they are natural, albeit unusual, features. Yeah– totally natural. That’s just exactly what I would expect to see on an asteroid, is collapsed squares, which clearly show, to my way of thinking, that there’s rooms underneath and the domes collapse in on the top– very, very interesting.

So what we hear when we combine all these different stories together– and this now includes Hoagland’s insider, who I’ve been calling Bruce– was that there was a planet, a Super-Earth, that’s in the fourth position in our solar system between what’s now Mars and what’s now Jupiter, and that it was called– in his level of the cover-up up they called it Electra. And he told me that a major civilization developed on this planet, and that is also mirrored in the Law of One.

Another thing he said they also call it is Tiamat. And they do claim that the Sumerian cuneiform tablets clearly showed that there was a destroyed planet. Zecharia Sitchin’s work has been misinterpreted. And he himself got a lot of things wrong, apparently. But the basic idea that the asteroid belt was originally a planet is mirrored in the Sumerian cuneiform tablets as the planet Tiamat.

So what you’re seeing in this illustration is the idea that Mars actually was also a watery planet that was a moon that had a habitable zone of water that you could drink and oceans that were salty, so both types, where people could live. And that moon was orbiting a Super-Earth. So that would make for a very, very interesting skyline if you lived there.

Now, I spoke to Corey about this in private conversation, and he told me this is a common feature. It is common to see Super-Earth planets that have oceans and to have a watery moon orbiting them as well, and that both are habitable. In the case of our solar system, it definitely appears that two independent civilizations developed on these planets, that until they developed high technology, they did not know that each other existed. And once they both had technology, they went into war with each other, perhaps not initially, and this war was so devastating that it actually destroyed both planets.

The devastation to Electra or Tiamat or Maldek was much greater, where the whole planet exploded, whereas with Mars, the debris from the explosion actually destroyed their atmosphere and essentially made the planet unlivable for human life at that point. So this was a very great disaster that jostled all the orbits in our solar system. But the idea here, again, is that Mars was Electra’s moon, and it was inhabited at the same time that Electra or Tiamat or Maldek was. And they ultimately went to war with each other, as I’ve been saying. These civilizations may well have been at war.

So that’s a very interesting way to look at this. The Super-Earth could be much, much greater in size than the little moon. And so the little guy could get picked on by the big guy who’s going to have more money, more staff, probably better technology, because there’s more people to invent things. And that could be a case where the larger planet is going to try to take over and invade the smaller planet with indigenous people that have evolved there over the course of their own, hundreds of thousands of years, or millions of years, and then they’re going to come to blows. So it’s the same story. You just see this repeating throughout time and space.

Now, one of the things that we were told by Bruce that was going on– very interesting– is that the people of Maldek were building a planet-killing weapon that could actually zap into any solar system in our entire galaxy. And they did this by building a glass ring. It wasn’t really glass. It’s a transparent aluminum alloy. But they built this transparent ring around the planet Saturn, which at the time did not have rings. Bear that in mind. Saturn looked like Uranus or Neptune. It did not have rings. This only happened after what we’re going to be discussing.

So they’re building this weird ring around out of this complex aluminum alloy that was a transparent material, very super advanced, almost an indestructible type of material– very interesting, to say the least. So the idea here is that this transparent aluminum was polarized. So in some cases you could have it be so that light wouldn’t go through, so you could have a room with privacy. Or maybe you could even hit a button and it would change the amount of opacity.

But the idea is that they were apparently only building living quarters. And this ring was intended to hold the people of their civilization, who were giants. And we’re going to see in a minute here that what Bruce told me was that the actual shattered remnants of this ring still exist in the rings of Saturn. And he told me where to find them.

So the cover story was that this was a huge structure that people could live in. And we don’t actually have any images of it, but I just pulled some things off the internet to try to give you an idea of what a glass living space might look like. So here’s one shot taken inside a corporation. You can see just vast sheets of glass in there. This is just an example of a cube on the outside, giving you a sense of what might be possible. This is another glass cube type of structure.

Here’s another shot of a building that’s all glass on the inside, same building as the other shot. There’s another example of what it might look like once you were in there. And this could actually be really futuristic stuff. This glass could be white in certain cases. It could have very cool, mounted recessed lighting on it like you see here with all that reflectivity.

So this was a very advanced space base. These people had technology vastly in excess of our own. There’s probably stuff that looked like this in there, and again, rooms and hallways that are all glass, or this transparent aluminum. It would have been quite stunning to see.

Now here’s the secret. It wasn’t for living quarters, although people could live in it. It was an earthquake-type weapon that could be used to set up a bouncing field inside Saturn that gets higher and higher. And then they can take that ring and direct the beam to anywhere in the galaxy they wanted to go.

So what if they found these ancient moons that were left behind by a benevolent civilization protecting themselves? What if they analyzed the technology of those moons and then figured out how it works and figured out how to build it on a much, much, much larger scale by building a ring around Saturn so that, instead of it just defending their own little perimeter around our solar system like these moons would do, and they left the Klerksdorp spheres behind for us to find on Earth in South Africa in this 2.6-billion-year-old rock, now they’re going to be able to hit any planet in our galaxy and blow it up. And they have enemies outside our solar system.

This apparently was a highly advanced, space-faring race. What we heard about them is that they actually had started to wire their consciousness into some kind of an internet and that they were able to communicate with each other through micro facial auric expressions, subtle fluctuations in the brightness on their skin on their faces that actually communicate from one person to another like broadband, which is then jacked into your brain. So you can actually speak and communicate information vastly more quickly than with the mouth.

So this is the kind of technology that these people apparently had, including the ability to upload themselves as a virtual consciousness into a mainframe, thus existing without bodies and being able to jack into a matrix, if you will. And that’s a very key element of what this authorized US disclosure was that I got beginning in August 2014 from this insider Bruce.

So that’s the story that the insiders tell us, is that they built this ring so they could smite their enemies anywhere in the galaxy. And the enemies figured out what they were going to do. They got about 2/3 of the way done building this ring before their enemies came in and wiped them out. And what they did is they blew up the ring. And apparently they blew up the planet as well. The actual planet of Maldek was completely nuked, and it destroyed and turned into all these asteroids and fragments.

But first, before we get into the shattered planet, let’s talk about the shattered glass remnants of the ring technology that they were building around Saturn, which remember, did not have rings. When they hit this ring, this transparent aluminum ring with this super weapon, whatever it was that their enemies used– because they realized what was going to happen. If they don’t hit now, it’s going to be too late– preemptive strike. We know how well that works.

What’s going on is this ring shattered into just countless amounts of pieces. And a lot of it was very fine. And then as it keeps going around, it keeps hitting itself, and it grinds and it grinds and it grinds into very fine particles, which are then caught in this obviously elliptical field. It’s the same thing we see from the sun that holds the planets in an elliptical orbit. It’s coming out of Saturn, captures all that debris in an elliptical plane, thus creating Saturn’s rings.

So let’s take a look at Saturn’s rings, which is apparently the massive debris cloud of this huge shattered ring that they were building. You can see that the first three that were found by the original guys with telescopes when they looked at Saturn and got all excited about seeing that planet, the rings are called A, B, and C. And A is narrower than B. B is the widest one. C is pretty small. And then later on, they found D, E, F, G, et cetera.

The Cassini division is named after the astronomer who first saw this, that there was actually a split between these rings, with the old, old fashioned telescopes that you see. Now, what Bruce actually told me is that at the edge of the B ring are left the fragments of the original ring. That’s where it was located, and that’s where the biggest chunks still are. And they apparently have taken their ships, and they’ve gone out, and they’ve looked at this so-called clumpy texture. And they’ve seen that what you find is these glass rooms for 70-foot tall people, tumbling end over end in space.

So here’s NASA talking about clumpy texture. Now, I didn’t know this. I went and looked it up after he told me, looked at the B ring, and I was shocked. Because what the heck is NASA doing saying that there’s clumps in the ring? What are these clumps doing there?

Well, check this out. What we’re seeing here is some of these so-called clumps. And if you look closely, and sure enough, you actually see the shadows. There’s the shadow of Mimas, which as I showed you, does appear to be one of these weapon moons. And there’s the shadows of the clumps. Let’s get a nice closeup shot of those shadows.

If you get closer than this, which they’re not going to let you see right now, those clumps all become pieces of rooms made out of transparent aluminum for 70-foot tall people. There’s chairs in there. There’s consoles, computer screens, all kinds of technology. It’s crazy, apparently.

And this all dates back to about 500,000 years ago, as we’re going to see, too. That’s going to be a big part of this. The disaster happened 500,000 years ago.

So NASA’s explanation for these clumps is, oh, well, they’re just pieces of ice. But they don’t say where the ice came from or how it got there or why it’s only in that one area. So this is a NASA drawing of what they think is out there. But obviously they already know the answer. They’re just not going to share it with us, if you believe what these insiders are telling us.

So again, the idea is that these are the ruins of living quarters for 70-foot tall humans that Cabal calls the Progenitors. And they traced themselves as the descendants of these people. It’s a major, major part of a religion. Their religious belief is that they are the gods, they are the elite, and they are the descendants of the survivors of Saturn, the people that had that Saturn civilization and the destroyed planet.

So 500,000 years ago we were told is when the Super-Earth was destroyed and the ring around Saturn. And in the process, the debris also hit Mars and destroyed its atmosphere and killed that planet as well. Now, there was a program called “Brilliant Pebbles,” which I was told about by Bruce, where they back-engineered all of the pieces of the asteroids and all the stuff that was floating around in our solar system. They dialed it back, and they found it was 500,000 years ago.

Later on, we’re going to see that that is precisely what it says in the Law of One for when this planet was destroyed. And I only found that over the weekend this past weekend. It’s a remarkable correlation. And it’s, again, one of those cases where you’ve got to learn about what the truth is, then you go back to the Law of One, you dig it up, and– boom– there it is. It’s unbelievable. So this Super-Earth was destroyed in an act of war, probably done by the enemies that they had from another solar system who came in, destroyed the ring, and destroyed their planet, and in so doing took out Mars as well.

So let’s go back to the Law of One and see exactly what it is that I’m talking about that makes this so clear. Now, the curious part is that the original dates for the destruction of Maldek were wrong. And it was only later on that this information was corrected. So it was session 10 where the actual original story was given. The dates are wrong, so I’m not going to share the wrong dates. I’m going to go to the next section where they corrected the date, and they correct it to 5,000 years ago. So bear that in mind.

But let’s get started here. We’re starting now with session 10, question one. The people of Maldek had a civilization somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis, in that it gained much technological information.

Now, think about how technological our society is, which is pretty darn good. And if they’re saying “much technological information,” that’s way more than what we have now. So we’re talking about portal travel, star travel. We’re talking about these super weapons, all this kind of stuff that I’ve been telling you. That’s mirrored in the Law of One. And they used it without care for the preservation of their sphere.

Now, what Corey’s people told them in the space program from the smart glass pads was that once these guys on Maldek started to make this super weapon, started to make war against their neighbors, the protective grid that our solar system had was taken down. And this is probably part of the cosmic free will principal. You’re not going to be protected unless you’re worthy of it. So that protection grid came down, and that’s what allowed their enemies to hit them in the first place.

Now let’s go back to the quote. Their philosophy followed to a majority extend the complex of thoughts, ideas, and actions that you would associate with the negative polarity or service to self. So that means this group, this planet, was a very warlike, very negative, self-serving, a Cabal-type society. So that would mean it was very hierarchical, very top-down management structure.

There’s going to be a lot of oppressed people. There’s going to be a very powerful elite that rules over the planet. They’re going to have high technology. Everybody lives in fear. They’re probably microchipped as part of this thing where everybody’s jacked into the AI. And it may even be that only the elite had the AI technology and others did not. It’s entirely possible.

Let’s read a little more now from this quote because it’s really fascinating. Their beliefs, this negative philosophy, was for the most part couched in a sincere belief thought structure, which seemed to the perception of the people, mind-body complexes of this sphere, to be positive. And that’s so classic, right?

These Cabal folks, they think they’re doing the right thing. Well, we need to liberate these people. We’re an army of liberation. We’ve got to get rid of their government we got to regime-change them. We’re doing the right thing. It’s our manifest destiny, OK? Sounds familiar, right? It’s the same story throughout the universe. These are archetypes.

Let’s read a little more now. The devastation that racked their biosphere and caused this disintegration resulted from what you call “war.” This escalation went to the furthest extent of the technology this social complex had at its disposal in the space-time present of the then time. And that escalation, of course, is– the technology we’re talking about is nuclear in nature. Their planet got nuked in an ancient nuclear war. This was a very powerful attack.

Let’s read a little more now. These entities were so traumatized by this occurrence that they were in what you may call a social complex knot, or tangle of fear. So literally what they describe is that the people that were nuked were in some kind of astral afterlife streaming, where they didn’t even have an individual consciousness. Their souls all about blended together, and this screaming apparently went on for somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 of our years of time, where these people were so damaged that there was just nothing that could be done to help them. It’s really horrible.

So let’s go on here. Some of your time passed. No one could reach them. No beings could aid them. But eventually, they got transferred here. And this is where we get into session 21, where he’s now referring to the idea that they were transferred here 75,000 years ago. Well, actually, no– that’s the people from Mars. And their planet wasn’t damaged as much, so they were less traumatized. That means they could be healed earlier, and the next plant there was available for them was Earth. So 75,000 years ago when Earth’s third density gets started, they all get dropped off here. But the people from Maldek had actually been nuked and disintegrated, so it took longer for them to be healed.

Now, it’s very interesting that this particular quote, session 21, question five, was redacted by L&L research and is not in the Law of One books. And it’s only recently with the work of Toby Wheelock on the website LawOfOne.info that he’s done the relistening project, where he’s gone back to all the original tapes and listened to everything and transcribed it exactly the way it was, which in many cases is different from the books.

Now, I lived with L&L for two years. I lived with Carla, the woman that spoke the words The Law of One. And she admitted to me that there were parts that she had taken out. And she said it was a mystery. And she’s not going to give the information to anybody unless they figure out the mystery and solve the mystery first, and then she’ll tell them.

And this was really frustrating, because I’m like the top Law of One scholar, and I’m thinking, how many different mysteries could she be referring to? And she’s not going to give me this unless I guess the right one? So I never guessed it. But she did apparently confide in Toby Wheelock and Terry Hsu. Both these guys told them what it was, and they kind of quietly snuck this material back in.

So this is mature you cannot read on the books. It’s only available on the website now that they’ve actually listened to it. And you can hear the audio of the actual session. So this is where the dates are corrected, and this is so fascinating because it wasn’t even available until about a year or two years ago on this LawOfOne.info website. But yet, this is what the research independently confirmed from the space program.

So let’s read what they have to say now. I’d like to check the time that you gave us, because we have some distortions in our numbers back in the early part of our work, and I’m afraid this might be distorted. So that was session 10. Now this is secession 21. So things have really advanced. They’ve gotten a better connection. They’re better able to do better what they were doing. These entities from Maldek were transferred here how many years ago?

Well, now they talk about the know once again. The entities of which you speak underwent several transitions, the first occurring 500,000 of your years in the past. At this time, their planet was destroyed, and they turned into the knot. So there it is, the same figure that Bruce told me for when “Brilliant Pebbles” determined that the Super-Earth was destroyed, the same figure that Corey Goode was told in the space program for when it was destroyed. There it is again, 500,000 years in the Law of One. It’s totally amazing.

Let’s read a little more now. This knot of screaming continued for what you would call eons of time, beginning 500,000 years ago. Those aiding them were repeatedly unable to reach them. And the destruction of Maldek was what finally deactivated the solar system’s defense grid, all those moons that would zap anybody that came in here. They got taken down because the whole system was screwed up.

And that’s what allowed for other bad guys to come in afterwards. And this is where we get the galactic farmers, as Corey’s people call them, these super federation ETs that started to do genetic programs on us. And this is what allowed the Draco to invade our solar system beginning, according to Corey’s smart glass pads, 375,000 years ago.

So when we come back in the next episode, I’m going to get more into the survivors of Maldek, as described in the Law of One series. And we’re going to see how did these divine cosmic beings solve the problem of how to handle these people being in this karmic disposition where they need to go back into third density life and to continue their third density cycles.

We’re also going to get into Mars if we have time, and I believe we will. I’m going to show you some really astonishing artifacts on Mars from that civilization that was also destroyed when this happened. And what happened in the survivors of Mars? There’s a lot more, very compelling, undeniable, gob-smacking, slap you upside the head with a two by four proof coming up in later episodes of “Wisdom Teachings.” I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.


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