What is All This Hype About Light?


Shine your light. Be the light. You’ve probably heard references to “light” all over the internet and social media, but what does it actually mean?

What I have discovered, is that “light” is a term that depicts the point where science and spirituality meet.

My Breakdown: A Blessing in Disguise

About two years ago I was living a life that wasn’t really for me. I was working a 9 to 5 job that I didn’t really enjoy, in a place I didn’t love and my lifestyle was anything but nurturing or fulfilling. I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot in my life to look forward to. I suffered from “clinical depression”, “anxiety” and a general sense of fatigue for about 5 years until one day, it all built up and I ended up having a mental and emotional breakdown.

This breakdown was a blessing in disguise: It led me to make a series of choices that ultimately resulted in me studying in a gompa for 6 weeks in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal.

Studying the nature of the mind in Nepal was the beginning of a journey that led me, over time, to establishing a deep connection with my soul, my authentic self. What I have learnt from my journey thus far is that the ability to wholeheartedly be yourself and to embody your true values is the true source of joy.

A Lightness Within You

Notice how when you are happy, you feel lighter inside? Well, that’s because physiologically, you are. Where there is happiness, there is quite literally a lightness within you. I’m sure that you have felt this

  • when you have a good heartfelt belly laugh or after you do some form of exercise that releases a whole bunch of endorphins that leaves you feeling like you’re buzzing on the inside.

The feeling of joy goes hand in hand with the feeling of lightness.

The opposite is also true. Dense emotions such as sadness, anger or jealously make the body feel heavier – it’s as though the body is carrying around more weight.

If you zoom in on the physical body, you will see organs, then tissues and if you zoom in even further you will find that you are made up of a whole bunch of cells. These cells are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms, which are made up of space. So essentially, you are a small amount of matter and a larger amount of space. Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine, states that atoms are primarily space, filled with pockets of light. And light has a vibrational frequency, or a periodic motion, which is constantly changing in response to stimuli.

Essentially, at the foundation of our being, we are light.

The Secret Life of Energy

Everything is made up of this same energy and so it makes sense that absolutely everything affects us. The energy frequency of everything outside of us creates a reaction within us that transforms our very being. This is entrainment – when objects of physical matter, including ourselves, synchronize with the energy of external stimuli.

Everything we do, then, impacts our state of being. The food we eat, the people we spend our time with, our environment. Everything. It all affects who we are.

Something else I know from my experiences is that the lighter I feel, the happier I feel, drawing the conclusion that happiness is an internal state of being which is dependent on the frequency of the light energy within me.

Over time, I have also come to understand what it is that creates this light feeling within me. From my own experience, it arises when I am in nature. When I eat light filled foods such as plants foods that are freshly picked and have not yet been refrigerated, so that they still contain the energy from the sun. It comes when I exercise. When I meditate. When I breathe. With yoga. Music. Sunlight. Dance. Good company. But most importantly, it is created out of positive thinking.

Generate Your Inner Light

Light can be something that is generated within us in response to something outside of us, such as with sunlight, fresh air or when consuming food. It is also something that we produce internally, in the form of thoughts.

I remember, about a year ago now, when I had my first experience seeing the light within my pineal gland, or third eye, switch on. I had spent a good year detoxifying my system with daily meditation; a light, nutrient rich plant food diet and with finding direction in my life. One afternoon when I was having a bit of a nap, I closed my eyes and after about 10 minutes a light somewhere in the middle of my head started flickering and then turned on, exactly like a light bulb would. From what I had learnt, I made the connection that this was my third eye turning on. The experience was extremely energizing and after only 10 minutes sleep I was able to jump out of bed again.

I have had this same experience many times since and over time I have been able to draw upon the understanding that it is an experience that always occurs when I am doing what I love. When I create joy in my life it creates this light energy which in turn seems to fuel more joy inside of me. There have been times when I have been in this state of joy when I have had so much energy that I have only needed an hour of sleep a night to function normally.

Over the past couple of years, I have also noticed that I don’t need much food to fuel me anymore, as I am getting energy from other sources, including from this internal source of light. Over a few months, I cut back to one small meal a day and even then, sometimes, I can go without that. I love food, but the feeling of being light, happy and having boundless energy far surpasses the desire to eat.

Energy From Spirit

Many people ask me “how I survive” but to tell you the truth, I have more energy than ever. Think back to when our ancient ancestors roamed the land – they didn’t eat three huge meals a day and they were expending far more energy than what we do these days. Society has become lazier and they are consuming more – it makes no sense.

I have discovered that when I receive sources of energy from spirit (i.e. when I am connected to the spirit life force both inside and outside of my body) it provides a boundless source of energy which surpasses the need to eat so often to receive energy for vitality.

Joy is Proportional to the Frequency of Light Energy

So, the greater the light energy, the greater vitality which naturally creates a feeling of joy within us. The opposite is also true. When we do not do the things that are conducive to creating more light energy, or spirit, within us, then emotions and fatigue arises. This includes having negative thought patterns about yourself, eating foods which are low in nutritional value and spending long periods of time in an energy lowering environment, such as in an environment where there is artificial light or damaging electromagnetic waveforms, such as televisions and computers.

But most importantly, when we do not live in accordance with our values, which for me are love, laughter and connection, then we become depleted of the energy force that sustains us.

I have been able to internally affirm my theory that joy is proportional to the frequency of light energy from my experiences of the opposite feeling – of suffering. Whenever I feel like I am doing something that isn’t in alignment with my authentic self, I feel miserable and heavy. I feel emotional and I feel tired. Like Charlie Chapman once said, “as I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is authenticity.”

When you are doing something that you love, joy is a by-product and joy creates lightness within the body.

So the very energy that you are made up of is light and the more light you create or bring into your life, the more joy you experience. When every single cell in your body is filled with the light created out of a positive thought or the light that comes with being in a nurturing, joyful environment. When you are in contact with the harmonic energy frequencies of nature. When you take in spirit energy with the breath or with meditation.

And the greatest light of all is when you are able to get in touch with yourself to live a life in alignment with your authentic self. This is by far the most effective way to create joy in your life: Be the light that you are.


Sigourney Weldon

Hi, I’m Sigourney. I am a holistic therapist, yoga therapist and freelance writer. I am currently writing a book on the nature of the true self, aka spirit. I envision a world founded upon the highest truth, love and joy. It is my passion to be able to help people realize this truth through writing.


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