What Wim Hof Can Teach You About Breathwork

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TRANSCENDENCE, the new 5 part docu-series coming to FMTV, is all about learning from the personal experiences of those who have been in the darkest trenches, healed from trauma, and recovered from great adversity, to lead us in finding our true potential. Extreme-athlete and world record holder, Wim Hof, does exactly that. In Episode 2, titled ‘Overcoming Fear and Stress’, Wim shares how cold water brought him to not only find himself but to find the immense strength within his breath.

In his empowering interview, Wim explains the long term effects of his traumatic birth and how it affected his psyche for years. He journeyed through life, experimenting with different practices, philosophies and esoteric disciplines, looking for the one thing that could help him explain what was in the depth of his mind and soul.

But then he found the water. Freezing cold water.

The water plunged deep into the trauma of his past and he finally felt what he had been looking for. He felt good, he felt comfort. “Then I began to become aware that breathing makes a big difference when you are, say, in ice water”, he explains.

This sensation led him to continue to explore and work on his breathing. Through breathwork, he found that he could withstand extreme conditions and conquer unthinkable feats.

Marathons in the desert without water, marathons in the arctic barefoot and in shorts, setting the world record for the farthest swim under ice – all of this became possible for him when he discovered the power his breathing has over his physiological state.

Find out more of what proper breathwork makes, not only Wim capable of but anyone who chooses to embark on the same journey of discovery.

Wim Hof’s motivating story is just one of many in Episode 2. You’ll also hear from experts including Chris Wark, Ocean Ramsey, Bruce Lipton, and more. And don’t forget, this is only one of five powerful episodes – there is so much more inspiration to come.


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