Yoga and Me: A Poem


When yoga first discovered me It was a thing I did, to be healthy

But over time, I was intrigued And realized, the waters run deep

Yoga fuels me to break free From the bounds of society

I can follow my heart, and my dream Even if it means swimming upstream

It’s become by now a way of life The yogic way helps me thrive

Makes me smile through my tears Keeps me marching despite the fears

Yoga connects me to my source The benevolent supreme life force

Slowly but surely making me whole Unifying body, mind and soul

Yoga is my guide, my friend Taking me to journey’s end

I am yoga and yoga is me Oh how my soul rejoices in glee!


Charu Agarwal

Charu is a devoted Ashtanga yoga practitioner and certified Sivananda Yoga teacher. Yoga is her means to self-discovery, joy, personal transformation and fulfillment. Her teaching style is holistic – deeply rooted in the ancient yogic traditions and complemented by modern anatomy to ensure student safety. Extensively trained in several alternate healing modalities, she brings to her teaching a deep understanding of the mind- body connection. She teaches at Dhyānā, her Studio for Yoga and Wellness.
Facebook: Charu Agarwal


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