The Yoga of Gratitude: Finding Satisfaction Within

After struggling with body image and self-esteem for nearly fourteen years, I found yoga. On a hot summer afternoon, I stepped onto the mat in search of authenticity and self-acceptance in my life. The instructor spoke in Sanskrit and my mind and body were challenged. We were told that the best diet is not for physical gain, but rather a spiritual and emotional one." We were told to "be cautious of what we fed our mind and soul. It's like she was speaking right to me. From that moment on I decided to practice looking beyond the physical and into my soul on a daily basis. To me, yoga isn't about executing the poses perfectly or having the best balance; rather, yoga is about me connecting with me. Yoga is like learning to breathe again. Yoga is taking a moment from the busy demands of life and remembering that you have a soul that needs tending to. When I am on my mat, I am blinded by how beautiful everyone and everything around me is, including me. Life has turned out to be rather simple and something that was already inside me. Life has become about being authentic and setting intentions every day; not once a week at church, not just when I unroll my yoga mat, but every single day. Now, everyday I wake up with gratitude for all the amazing gifts in my life and also for everything that I desire that has not yet arrived. Today I accept that there is no such thing as perfect; Yoga has taught me satisfaction from within.

Kelli DeWispelareholds degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She is the owner of Sweat, Cycle and Soul, Omaha Nebraska's first Spin, Yoga and Pilates studio! Kelli is passionate about living and helping others live a healthy, balanced life, full of growth while surrounded by family and friends. She strives to show others how empowered they can feel when they eat and live healthfully.  She is a strong believer in holistic nutrition and a mind, body connection.

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