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Regular, F/T

Gaia is seeking a Finish Editor/Colorist that has extensive knowledge of video formats and how the video signal can be manipulated. Requirements include technical and creative problem-solving skills, a thorough knowledge of the post-production pipeline, a diverse knowledge of edit software for both visual effects and color grading, and a comprehensive understanding of the importance of color correction to achieve a desired “look.” 

 The Finish Editor/Colorist is responsible for “onlining” all Gaia shows, which includes color grading, navigating technical issues, and the smoothing out of visual effects. This position is essential for determining a show’s finished “look.” 

 Prefer candidates who can also step in and moonlight as an offline editor. 

Color grade and smooth out visual effects for all Gaia programming. 

Perform as an offline editor when needed.   

Highly skilled with Adobe Creative Cloud: Premiere / Media Encoder / After Effects / Photoshop 

Highly skilled with DaVinci Resolve color grading/effects software. 

3 plus years of Finish Editor/Colorist experience 

US citizenship or an existing work visa is required.

Non-smoker preferred.

Must be able to work in Gaia’s office in Louisville, Colorado.

No matter how extraordinary a candidate might be, even if they could bend space and time with their brilliance, we solemnly swear that we will remain unyielding in our dedication to the in-office experience. Our commitment is etched in stone and cannot be swayed by even the most awe-inspiring talents.

Only those who possess the utmost love for in-office work need apply. Remote work enthusiasts, we respect your passion but stand firm in our ways.

  • Type: Salary
  • Range: $110000 - $130000 (USD)

Gaia exists as a transformational network to empower a global conscious community.

Gaia (Nasdaq: GAIA) is a publicly traded company in Louisville, Colorado. We offer global video streaming of over 8,000 original series, shows, films, documentaries, and practices for conscious living to our members in over 190 countries. Our vast video library serves as a vessel for the community we seek to empower. We are not a subscription service that streams whatever pays our bills. Our content goes deep into select niches of Seeking Truth, Transformation, Alternative Health and Yoga channels. We often cover subjects that other media companies won’t touch.

We expect you did explore Gaia’s library of original shows, documentaries, and films. If our work on ancient wisdom, who are we, our true history, coverups, and metaphysics resonates, you might be a good fit for Gaia. We seek to hire and inspire employees who embrace our mission to empower a global conscious community, who hope their work empowers our community of inspired members, to be a catalyst of transformation. The best work we do every day is to remember our vision is “to empower the evolution of consciousness.”

The perks of working collaboratively with a team dedicated to sharing this mission include an on-site gym; a beautiful solar-powered campus, complete with hiking and running trails, community garden, and a labyrinth; and an on-site, mostly organic café that serves breakfast and lunch daily including a full-service espresso bar featuring locally roasted coffee.

Full-time employees are offered alternative and traditional medical benefits including preventative coverage; as well as dental, vision, 401K, and life insurance.

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