Ex-Marine Whistleblower Steps Forward
Emery Smith

Hear first-hand experiences from an ex-Marine whistleblower in military service during the 2000’s about shifts in a black team operating under a covert government agenda.

In the first of a series of conversations with Emery Smith, Mike Herrera, a retired front-line Marine who served in infantry, discloses new layers of hidden human and ET interaction he witnessed in 2009 when captured at gunpoint. Herrera exposes incredible details of a black team operating in Indonesia, where he was stationed for humanitarian aid. He describes a hostile encounter involving the protection of highly sophisticated spacecraft with reverse-engineered advanced technology, holographic disguises, and frequency-based weaponry.

Herrera is a conduit of information for above top-secret sources who have asked him to step forward to bravely reveal the truth exclusively on Gaia about the black team’s underground activities, facilities, and existence — regardless of his personal risk in doing so.

Présentateur: Emery Smith
Avec: Mike Herrera
Langues audio: Anglais
Sous-titrage: Anglais, Allemand, Français, Espanol