Level 3

Designed for the more experienced yogis, our advanced yoga classes will take your practice to the next level. These courses are for those serious about their yoga training and who practice regularly. Follow along as our expert teachers guide you through intense and powerful postures. These poses will continue to expand the limits of the body and boost your power. This collection of advanced yoga videos is designed for those who have perfected basic yoga postures and have begun to master the relationship between movement and breath. In these classes, you will find modified versions of poses that were first introduced in the moderate and intermediate levels. These postures are extremely challenging and should only be attempted by those with the strength, stamina and flexibility to do so. However, do not be surprised if you still find some poses too difficult. Humility is the greatest lesson to learn in advanced yoga. Do not risk injury. Your body will adjust and adapt with time. In advanced yoga, our world-renowned teachers will help you to deepen your backbends and master intense arm balances and inversions. You will need extreme focus and should not be distracted while attempting these poses. Take your practice up a notch and browse our collection of advanced yoga videos to get started.

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