In intermediate yoga, go beyond the basics and discover new challenges. Intermediate courses assume a working knowledge of the basics and expect an understanding of the essential elements of alignment in order to work in more advanced modifications. In this collection, you'll explore inversions that will test your stamina, strength, and flexibility. Follow along as our teachers guide through postures that require sustained concentration and muscle support. Intermediate yoga students must understand the correlation between movements and have a firm control and stability in basic postures. There are a wide range of students within the intermediate level so don't be surprised if you find some poses still too difficult to execute. Be patient as your body will take time to adjust. Our collection of intermediate yoga videos will add vitality to your yoga practice and will help you to build strength, flexibility and balance over time. Listen to your body and be sure not to risk injury. In these courses, our teachers will introduce a wider variety of poses and styles. They'll add arm balances and inversions, as well as increase the difficulty level of basic standing poses and backbends. Over time, you'll feel your body adapt and respond to the increased difficulty of these courses. Follow along and take your practice to the next level with intermediate yoga.

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