Level 2

Once you master the basics, you're ready to expand your repertoire! In moderate yoga, you'll build on beginners' poses and start to establish basic strength and flexibility throughout the entire body. Longer holding times and a focus on the flow in-between poses will expand both your internal and external awareness. Within this collection, you'll become more familiar with poses and find a deeper connection to your breath. Designed for those who have been exposed to yoga previously, these classes will move at a faster pace than the beginner practices and provide less instruction. You'll move into the details of each pose and begin to build routines, in which the postures flow into each other. In moderate yoga, you'll discover a strong emphasis on balancing poses, which require a degree of mental focus and physical stamina. New students are welcome to join, however, the physical demand is greater than in beginners. Follow along as our team of teachers lead you into the complexities of the world of yoga. You'll discover the intricacies behind every posture and learn to focus your breath and mind in order to conquer more challenging positions. If you're not sure if you're ready for moderate yoga, the general rule of thumb is that if you can create a to-do list while still performing beginners poses, you're ready to graduate to moderate! Explore our collection of moderate yoga and take the next step in your journey to inner peace.

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