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Watch Your Favorite Luminaries

  • Jason Silva

    We Are The Gods Now!

  • Sonja Grace

    Earth Medicine

  • George Noory

    Panel Host

  • Mabel Katz

    Zero Frequency®

  • Teal Swan


  • Billy Carson

    Holographic Universe

  • Bashar

    Soul Evolution

  • Gail Thackray

    Finding your Sexiness

  • Anita Moorjani

    The Power of Transformation

  • Deborah King

    Temple of the Violet Flame

  • Nassim Haramein

    The Universe & You

  • Erich Von Daniken

    The Gods Were Astronauts

  • Elizabeth Peru

    Becoming Cosmic Messengers

  • Thomas John

    An Afternoon with Spirit

  • Julia Mossbridge

    Decoding The Premonition Code

  • Sue Morter

    What’s Next is NOW

  • Emery Smith

    Underground Bases

  • Grant Cameron

    Consciousness, UFO’s and Reality

  • Hanson Tse

    Birthing the New Humanity

  • Jason Rice

    The Secret Space Program and Its Effects

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Robert Perala Kaia Ra Gail Thackray Ibrahim Jaffe Julia Cannon Anna Raimondi Maureen St. Germain Paola Harris Susan Shumsky Rehmania Dean Thomas


Psychic Mediumship  – Message From Beyond George Noory Panel UFO Panel Ascension Panel Neuroscience and Transformation Panel Healing Panel Permaculture Panel Progressive Activism

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