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Coming forward as I have will help others
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New Series | UNDISCLOSED Only on Gaia
Remote Viewing by Tuning Consciousness
Remote Viewing is a powerful new tool with military applications, but a similar practice already exists within Tibetan traditions.
Latest Season of Cosmic Disclosure
Telepathy and Communication with E.T.s
At our current state of evolution, we all have the ability to learn and understand new forms of physical languages.


Cosmic Disclosure | Only on Gaia
Inner Earth: Diversity of Life
During his inner earth missions, Emery Smith was tasked with taking samples from the myriad of plants flourishing in the subterranean climates.
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Modern Advances from E.T. Tech
During his time within the special access compartmentalized programs, Emery Smith worked with advanced alien technology and exotic materials recovered from crashed alien crafts.
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Inner Earth: Microclimates
There are pockets within the inner earth that have their own atmosphere, creating microclimates that are ideally suited for unique forms of life thriving there.
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Secrets at the South Pole
With every passing day, Antarctica is garnering more attention from mainstream and alternative news sources. I know that as the ice melts, the secrets at the south pole will no longer be contained.
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Nazca Tunnels & Super-Suit Technology
There are vast subterranean tunnels and complexes in South America underlying the Nazca lines. I know of an ancient crash site which gave rise to a semi-contained biosphere full of strange flora and fauna.
My talk from Conscious Life Expo 2019
Working in an Underground Base
From the extreme security measures taken to secure an underground base to extra-terrestrial co-workers assisting him in surgery, Emery dives into all details regarding his work underground in Sandia National Labs.

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