Guided Programs

Ready to make a change but not sure where to start? Pick from a range of inspiring programs tailored to your specific goals. They’ll support and empower you to improve your health and be the best you can be.

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7-Day Food Matters Cleanse

Gaia’s Daily Mindset 7-Day Food Matters Cleanse is the perfect solution for revitalizing your health. Restore yourself without feeling hungry.

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21-Day Gluten Free Program

Reset your health with gluten/dairy/sugar-free recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. Plus, yoga and mindset exercises to truly transform.

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Transcendence 1 Masterclass

Start your inner journey with 21 days of empowering guided daily meditations and lessons led by Gaia’s incredible experts and teachers.

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Transcendence 2 Masterclass

Learn tangible skills to transform your life, release emotional baggage, and discover a new way of being in this powerful 10-day course.

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