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Embark on a Journey of Incredible Self-Discovery

In this revolutionary series, Psychedelica producer Ben Stewart presents the science and ancient wisdom that offer real-world techniques for transcending limited thinking (and living) to reach your superhuman potential. See research and practical applications in science, spirituality, philosophy, nutrition, and fitness for transforming your life’s experience. Step beyond your perceived limits — you exist to experience your own evolution. Your potential is Limitless. Watch it now, only on Gaia.

Unravel the Mystery of YOU

  • Neurohacking the Supermind
  • Quantum Consciousness
  • Sacred Postures
  • Flow States
  • Shamanism
  • Your Microbiome & Gut Brain
  • Irrational Evolution
  • Limitless Aging

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About Ben Stewart

Director, composer, and producer Ben Stewart created UnGrip, Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda, and Waking Infinity — all available on Gaia. His most recent works include two critically acclaimed Gaia original series: Psychedelica and Limitless, only on Gaia.

We’re Here To Ask, What If?

In our mission to serve as a catalyst for evolutionary thinking, Gaia offers over 8,000 ad-free films, documentaries, and original series that explore our human and cosmic stories. Join us on the journey.

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