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Plant Medicines: New Frontiers for Ancient Healing



Our Groundbreaking Original Series Examines:

  • Sacred Healing
  • Integrating Shamanic Wisdom
  • Treating Illness with Plant Medicines
  • Psychotropic Experiments
  • Expanding Human Consciousness
  • Shadow Side of Psychedelics
  • Indigenous Medicine of the Mind
  • The Holy Mushroom Theory

Expanding Frontiers of Ancient Plant Medicine

For centuries and across cultures, sacred ceremonies using ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, and cannabis were integral to collective well-being. These long-revered healing instruments that nourished individuals and united ancient communities have been largely forgotten by today’s society. Why? What might we be missing?

PsychedelicaPsychedelica takes a holistic look at the emerging science, long-standing beliefs, and psychological healing potential of these plants to ask, “Who holds the keys to consciousness?”

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