Summer Special Ends In:
Summer Special Ends In:


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What Could You Change in Your Life With These Exclusive Limited-Time Gifts?


We all get stuck in patterns of thinking shaped by our upbringing, culture, and experiences. But sometimes, these thoughts hold us back from experiencing the future we’re meant to live in. 

Do you want to challenge those thought patterns and bring greater resonance to your life?

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, overcome a limiting mindset that’s holding you back, or regain that zeal for life, this special, limited-time bundle with life-changing content and exclusive meditations from Dr Joe Dispenza can help you achieve those goals.

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7-Day Meditation Program With Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe shares seven guided meditations for creating the future you dream about. (Normally exclusive to Gaia+ Members, available for a limited time with annual signup.)

Value: $199 USD

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Rewired Transcripts eBook

Download transcripts from the Gaia Original series, Rewired with Dr Joe Dispenza to learn the secret formulas for rewiring your brain. (Available for a limited time with monthly or annual signup.)

Value: $49 USD

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Marketplace Gift Card

Use your $20 gift card toward hand-curated retreats, exclusive trips, immersive GaiaSphere events, and conscious products. (Available for a limited time with annual signup. Valid for purchases of $40 or more.)

Value: $20 USD

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Annual Membership

Access to Special Events and Member-Only Discounts

Over 8,000 Titles for Personal Growth and Truth-Seeking

Value: $119 USD + taxes

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  • 7-day meditation program with Dr Joe Dispenza (valued at $199 USD)
  • Rewired Transcripts eBook (valued at USD $49)
  • Marketplace Gift Card (valued at $20 USD)
  • Annual Membership (valued at $119 USD)
  • 8,000+ transformational titles + yoga & meditation practices


Total value of Gaia Annual Membership + bonuses = $367

Your price $119 + taxes (USD Billed Annually)


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“What an amazing resource Gaia has been in my life!! There is always something beautiful and meaningful to be found in this app…it will open your mind and your heart in all the right ways! Thank you to Gaia for being a source of positivity and goodness in the world!” — Nico, Gaia Member

“There’s no better resource on the planet for this type of ‘awakening’ content. I watch many shows more than once and I have friends over to watch them too. It’s truly life changing. I can’t thank you enough. 💖” — Liz, Gaia Member

“I am absolutely in love with Gaia. The content made available is incredibly beneficial for spiritual growth.” — Tristan, Gaia Member

“Literally, hands-down, the best app I’ve ever came across… Thank you to all that have made Gaia what it has become. We need a new consciousness and a new enlightenment and this will be a big part of what helps get us to it and through it.” — Sheila, Gaia Member

“I gave up cable TV when I found Gaia… My world view is transformed by what I’ve learned. I tell everyone I know about Gaia.” — Sheree, Gaia Member

“I really appreciate that there is a safe place online where information and practices that are high in vibration and not the norm can be shared. Thank you for helping spread the vibe! You are like an essential service in these times! ❤️” — Valued Gaia Member

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