Yoga Poses for Beginners to Advanced

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Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into the specifics of certain yoga poses? In Gaia’s Complete Yoga Pose Library you’ll receive over a hundred pages of detailed descriptions of the most popular yoga poses that make up our modern day practice. From yoga poses for beginners to yoga poses for advanced practitioners, discover the English and Sanskrit name for each pose, plus benefits, cautions, and modifications.


Each pose in the library comes complete with a picture of the yoga pose with correct alignment. By understanding the details of each pose you’ll be better able to build a safe and solid foundation, this will reduce your risk of injury and allow you to have more strength and flexibility when it comes to more advanced asana practices. There are hundreds of benefits of yoga and each pose has positive affects to offer, from endurance building, increasing energy and focus, to calming the mind.


Along with Gaia’s Complete Yoga Pose Library PDF you’ll also get access to 15 Yoga Pose Videos. These yoga videos offer step-by-step instructions for entering, holding, and exiting each pose. Discover proper alignment to maintain a safe, injury-free practice while learning the building blocks to take your yoga practice to the next level. Yoga is a powerful way to connect the mind, body, and spirit, by understanding the mechanics you’re well on the way to flowing in perfect harmony.

  • Learn easy yoga poses like Downward Dog Pose, Mountain Pose, and Savasana Pose.
  • Discover fun yoga poses like Bird of Paradise Pose, Wild Thing Pose, and Mermaid Pose.
  • Explore advanced yoga poses like Front Splits Pose, Dragonfly Pose, and Crow Pose.This 114-Page Yoga Pose Library is a valuable asset for yoga teachers or individuals alike and is a great tool to add to any at-home yoga practice. Keep the PDF on your computer or tablet or print it out to always have it ready to reference.


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