Amanda Rodriguez

I was raised on the shores of Baja California, Sur Mexico outside the then small town of La Paz, on a beautiful parcel of land that, in my humble opinion, rivals most that exist in the world.  Raised by the silent power of nature, the sea and the wind, local people there and of course my loving parents my early impression of the world was one of deep reverence for the true origins of man.  When I turned six my world was to change due to a series of strange, tragic, and bizarre events that gave me a look into urban life, society in the city and the nature of struggle.  The juxtaposition between these two worlds has served and continues to serve as the contrast for my world view.  In an attempt to find inner balance amidst such knowledge yoga, meditation and creative pursuits such as writing have been my saving graces.  Naturally endowed with a fiery nature I have long struggled against my own Arian nature to find grounding and a way to channel my strong character.  My writing and work are direct descendants of this difficult but rewarding marriage between the two sides of myself. Amanda Luisa Rodriguez is the owner of Soul Girl Yoga in San Diego.  She offers retreats on her childhood home Rancho Las Cruces.  She teaches restorative yoga, and yoga for stress in San Diego CA. Website:

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