Amy O'Bar

I grew up in a series of small towns in Texas. My dad was a machinist, and when she worked, my mom was a waitress. We lived meager, sometimes poor, but I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted, or maybe more importantly, what I didn’t want, in life. Shortly after high school, at the age of eighteen, I joined the Army. I wanted to see the world and do something patriotic, so the military seemed like the logical choice. I was Air Defense Artillery, my job a Patriot Missile Crewmember. It wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, though I did get to see a part of the world I wouldn’t have, Saudi Arabia, and even fell in love and got married, while I was in. But the Army wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, and when my time was up, I moved on. College seemed like a better option. I majored in English and education, graduated Cuma Suma Latte, or whatever, (with honors), and went on to teach Enlgish and English is a Second Language, in places as remote as Kivalina, Alaska, and as crowded as Dallas, Texas, and a few places in between. Eventually, though, we left my home state for my husband’s native territory of Ohio. In the mean time, I managed to complete, and subsequently seriously injure myself, by running, three marathons. …Which brought me to yoga. No longer a runner, I felt out of place. I’d lost my identity and went through a depression. I gained weight and became a couch potato. I retreated inside myself. Three years later, I got tired of feeling bad and gave yoga a whirl. I’d heard a lot about the life changes others experienced practicing it, but I was seriously skeptical. Still, what did I have to lose? Turns out, yoga was the right path for me. I lost weight, gained some direction, found peace on the mat and off. It made me a better more compassionate person. I liked who I was becoming. Today, I still consider myself pretty new to yoga with only a few years of practice tucked under my belt. Yet it’s brought me so much joy, I’ve decided to share a little of my experiences, and what I’ve learned in my time as a yogi, with my new found yoga community.  Website: Twitter: @Amy_OBar

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