Anca Martalog

Dr.Anca Martalog,N.D., survivors’ coach, is a Naturopathic Doctor in private practice in Richmond Hill, Canada, since 1995. As a stroke survivor and a Naturopathic Dr., she holds the secret to overcoming adversity naturally. She also delivers coaching programs thru teleweb training sessions to cancer, stroke and heart disease survivors, who are interested in learning how to live their life to the fullest, at their maximum Energy level, in best physical, mental and emotional shape. Dr.Anca Martalog,N.D., is one of the most respected sources in alternative medicine in Canada. 2. She is also the founder of Progressive Medicine Centre in Richmond Hill(Ontario, Canada), an unique multi-disciplinary health centre where different health professionals consult towards a patient’s wellbeing. At the P.M.C., our purpose is to express our commitment to quality, perseverance, advancement and by insuring our patients always get the best care, by keeping in line with their goals and by being on the top of the best in the our industry( continuing education seminars and courses, patient satisfaction surveys, etc).We are dedicated, results-oriented organization that supports naturopathic health and revolutionizing the health paradigm one patient at a time: we believe you should HIRE YOUR DOCTOR TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS. HARMONY, BEAUTY AND GOOD LIFE ARE JUST SIDE EFFECTS. Dr.Anca practises according to the new revolutionary health paradigm which she founded: hire your doctor to keep you healthy!: once Dr.Anca helps you recover your health(if you present with an existing condition already), she gets compensated for keeping people healthy for the rest of their lives; some of the tools she uses are the eCourses like “Eliminate the 4 Major Killers-Discover how to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart dis. And stroke by 50%-naturally!”, her membership program, etc... Over the years, Dr.Anca's practice has evolved into one that specialises in chronic care and "dead-end"-labeled situations, emphasising individual attention and providing a uniquely personal service. Dr.Martalog’s specialised therapeutic protocols include clinical nutrition, natural supplements, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Website: Twitter: @doctoranca

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