Anita Sig

B.S. Business, Management/Leadership M.Sc. Leadership Coaching Psychology With an academic background in business, leadership and leadership coaching psychology, Anita‘s passion is enabling others realizing personal and professional success.  Anita is passionate about everything she does; she has a strong presence, a strong voice and a creative mind.  Anita is a lover of high heels, shiny sparkling things and fashion but she is also a spiritual thinker, nature lover and a clean food and yoga enthusiast.  Anita is a therapist, a business woman and a leader, a mother, a wife and a dog owner.  She is a romantic; cooking, baking, sewing and crafting, loving everything pink and lacy, soft warm and cozy.  Anita is also an energetic, organized visionary; passionate about using her strengths, experience and resources to enable others in realizing success and happiness in their lives. Readers of her Success Blog will come across practical advice for life, work and leadership as well as love, happiness and well-being.  Readers will also receive occasional clean eating recipes from her experimental kitchen and inspirational and sometimes humorous thoughts. "Success means knowing what is right for you, reaching that destination and enjoying the ride.  Whatever your destination is; happiness, money, sports, work, family or health, the journey begins by enabling you to be your best.“ Anita is the author of the online Realize Success in All Areas of Life program; a holistic approach to well-being, success, happiness and satisfaction with life. Website: Facebook: Anita Sig Success Therapist Twitter: @AnitaSig Google+: Anita Sig (Happiness Therapist) Linkedin: Anita Sig Pinterest: Anita Sig

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