Ashley McIntosh, BPsyc, RHN, CPC

Ashley McIntosh is a certified life coach and nutritionist who has been studying nutrition and the psychology of eating for over 10 years.  After suffering from years of dieting and disordered eating herself she became deeply passionate about the subject.    During her recovery, she decided to refocus her energy away from the obsession with food and her body and toward learning how to help women discover, as she had, what life can be like when their minds are free from the lists of numbers, rules and calories - to help them discover what life can be like when they feel comfortable and confident in their bodies, and they can focus on what is important to them - their family, friends, career, talents, and community.    During university she tailored her Psychology degree to the subject of disordered eating, and worked for the BC Eating Disorders Association.  She then completed the nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and then the life coaching program at Erickson College.    Today Ashley brings both technical and natural talent to her work as a motivating life coach, nutritionist and workshop facilitator.  She works with women and girls who are tired of worrying  about food and their bodies and are ready to achieve health the right discovering the fun and play in life, the pleasure of eating, and through stopping the endless quest for perfection.    Through weekly sessions and group workshops, Ashley helps her clients get the body and life they want without dieting.    Stop just 'tolerating' your life, and get living. Website:

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