Betty Riaz

Yoga has revolutionized Betty’s life, from the inside out.  You can find her on or hanging out at  In 2009, Betty co-founded Stil Studio, a yoga sanctuary in the Greater Boston area, where she brings together her passions for yoga and fashion.  Using Stil Studio as her platform, Betty’s greatest mission is to continually help others reach their greatest potential from both the inside and outside. Betty is a certified PranaVayu yoga instructor, Via Privé VIP, Lululemon Ambassador, and, most importantly, mother to beautiful Ines and Omar. Website: Facebook: Stil Studio Youtube: Yoga Stil Studio Google+: Stil Studio   Questions and Answers with Betty Riaz What does yoga mean to you? It’s a Sanctuary. I can tune in anywhere, any time and find complete freedom of the mind.   What impact has yoga had on your life?     It has rocked my world and now my secret formula is Yoga + Passion  =  Bliss   In what ways does yoga help you off the mat?   It grounds me and makes me a whole human  and helps me see REALITY for what it is. Nothing more, Nothing less.   What do you recommend to people that are brand new to yoga? Practice, Feel the sensation in your body and be organic about the process.    What yoga tips can you share with people? 1.   Breath!  It works. 2.   Practice!  Pattabhi Jois told us to! 3.   Have fun!  You might as well.   What drew you to teach the particular style that you teach now?  The meditative moment when all my thoughts disappeared and I was facing my own truth, which can be very scary and exciting at the same time.

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