Bibi McGill

Since first discovering yoga in 1998, Bibi McGill as been a strong advocate of making yoga available to everyone. Her unique teaching style is derived from her extensive studies into numerous Classical 8 Limb Yoga Systems including Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga. Travelling the world as an internationally renowned musician, Bibi believes that each practice should challenge the body while also supporting spiritual growth within each and every student. As an acclaimed yoga teacher, wellness educator, and health food entrepreneur, Bibi McGill got her start after graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in music arranging. Today, Bibi is best known as the lead guitarist and musical director of Beyonc�'s backing band, the Suga Mamas, as well as for her work with Pink, Paulina Rubio and Chilean rock group La Ley. Bibi is actively involved with Street yoga, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading healing and wellness to youth populations. While not teaching yoga, Bibi enjoys organic gardening, kayaking, sustainable living, and crafting new recipes of Bibi Kale Chips to satisfy the pallets of health minded snackers.

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