Bill Filter

For over 20 years, Bill Filter has been passionately studying and practicing the art of meditation. He currently lives way up at 8,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies, at the base of the Sangre de Christo, where he coaches professional athletes for enhanced performance, first responders for stress management, and corporate leaders for increased focus. Growing up as an avid student athlete, Bill Filter found his drive in the hard work and practice of improving his skillset. Playing basketball, baseball, and football year round, he enjoyed everything from working on his jumpshot to lifting weights in the gym. However, he also realized the substantial mental focus and determination that was required for an effective physical training program. As Bill was studying English Literature and Psychology at Purdue University, his athletic discipline took a back seat. His research into mind training and mental conditioning techniques led him to discover Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Over the past 20 years, Bill Filter's work has taken him all over the world - from dark office cubicles to high outdoor scaffolding. He decided to continue his education with Buddhist studies and contemplative religion at Naropa University. However, one thing has always remained - his curiosity about how to translate the valuable benefits of traditional meditation to a wider audience. Along with Mark Williams, Bill helped developed VUmind Training, a mental conditioning program designed to demystify meditation ?for the rest of us.? Today, Bill helps educate individuals and groups across the globe in traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice.

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