Carol Ritberger

An innovative leader in the fields of personality behavioral psychology and behavioral medicine, Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., is an author and medical intuitive with over 28 years experience. In 1981, Carol Ritberger Ph.D., suffered a near-death experience, which resulted in her ability to see the aura, or human energy system. With her unique ability, Ritberger can identify energy congestion and blockages that affect the body's ability to function properly and sustain good health. Ritberger uses her gift to help people understand how emotional, psychological and spiritual energy can cause illness, disease, and life crises. With a doctorate in Theology and a doctorate in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science, Carol Ritberger weaves biology, physiology, and esoteric healing to uncover hidden contributors to disease and illness and arm people with a more efficient approach to their own healing. In 1999, Ritberger and her husband, Bruce Ritberger, co-founded The Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies, where she currently serves as executive director.

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