Cathy Underwood

Cathy Underwood is a busy mum of two and founder and director of the award winning Yoga4mums.  The business offers classes, workshops, retreats and DVDs to inspire mum and her family back to gentle exercise and back into a social network.   With a strong ethical approach to business and community, Cathy has devised a number of ‘limbs’ to the business:  Yoga4mums donation classes have raised essential funds for local schools and charities Yoga4care, provides classes for mental health care providers and those with special needs, learning disabilities and all other vulnerable adult groups Yoga Rocks! is a unique yoga programme for children    Enfield’s Fit! is a non profit organization, created to bring people together after Cathy’s hometown was devastated by the 2011 London riots. The organization is now a welcomed vehicle that supports instructors struggling during the recession.   Yoga4mums is an inspiring example that it is possible to earn a living and support a family whilst pursuing a passion and embracing yogic values.   Website: Yoga4mums Facebook: Yoga4mums Twitter: @Yoga4mums 

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