Christine Bissonnette

Originally from Sackville, NS, Christine Bissonnette received her BA in English, creative writing and Theatre from the University of New Brunswick. She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011 to pursue her dream of working as a writer and actor. She has since written for The Capilano Courier and Cella Magazine, and has also had the opportunity to delve into a variety of fun and challenging roles in the theatre medium.  In her personal blog, An Artist's Positivity Project, Christine documents her journey toward fulfillment as an actor and writer. Anyone who has ever made the decision to pursue their art knows how isolating a decision that can be--not to mention completely terrifying. The purpose of the blog is to chart a journey from fear to freedom to create and to live. On a larger scale, her recently launched Creative Life Blog follows the journeys of eight vastly different artists as they work toward their goals. As a whole, the website operates as a free mastermind group for creative people, and is complete with interviews and inspirational quotes geared toward actors, writers, musicians, directors, dancers, and more. Website: Facebook: Creative Life Twitter: @InspireArtists Pinterest: The Creative Life

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