Christine Cassella

Christine Cassella has always felt a strong connection with the natural world having spent her youth wandering through vast expanses of woods.  She believes that people would be healthier and happier if they would slow down and remember their inherent connection to the natural world.  She has a B.A. in psychology from the College of Wooster (2007) and a M.S. in Biology from Case Western Reserve University (2012).  Christine earned her Permaculture Design Certificate from Midwest Permaculture and is also a passionate herbalist.     Christine enjoys encouraging others to embrace simple and conscious living for the benefit of human health and the well being of our planet.  To this aim, she enjoys teaching about eating local foods, backyard gardening, herbalism, and observing nature’s cycles as a way to better understand ourselves.    Yoga is the glue that holds these passions together as it allows Christine to approach all that she does with conscious intention and a clear heart.   Website:  Facebook: These Light Footsteps

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