Christine Price Clark

Beginning her studies in 2001, Christine Price Clark is a certified Anusara yoga teacher who uses an artful blend of strong, rhythmic asana and creative sequencing to create a fiercely loving atmosphere in each class. Christine currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where she teaches at One Yoga for the People and is a core faculty member of the Vancouver School of Yoga. Still a student of Anusara founder, John Friend and certified teachers Christina Sell, Chris Chavez and Desiree Rumbaugh, Christine Price Clark teaches students to embrace the heart and honor the body. Christine travels the world spreading her passion for yoga and has presented at the Whistler and Victoria yoga Conferences, Wanderlust, and Yoga Outreach. She was also named in Vancouver Magazine's Best of Vancouver. Throughout her many accomplishments, Christine Price Clark still bows to the little feet of her daughter, Olive, for keeping it real and for affirming that life is indeed beautiful.

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