Ciara Wimby

Ciara Wimby faced personal health challenges with Crohn’s disease, loss of both parents to stroke and cancer, divorce, and financial upset. Through the practice of yoga, Ciara found tools to overcome her challenges and live through what appeared to be insurmountable circumstances! In her professional life, she has been an accountant, author, business owner, entrepreneur, trainer, and career counselor; each experience giving her the opportunity to listen, learn, and assist both businesses, and individuals, to achieve their goals and dreams. Wanting to give people the knowledge and wisdom, gained from both her personal and profession life, to motivate people to live their best life, she created Liv by Ciara Wimby.  Liv by Ciara Wimby is a Healthy Living Communications Group, advocating the practice of living a life that is happy, healthy and free through blogs, books, and motivational speaking. She began with healing with her words, and then went on to become a certified yoga instructor to heal people in the practice of yoga. A natural teacher, Ciara designed the Live Project complete wellness program to intimately connect with people, to teach them how the practice of yoga could also help them live their best life, and achieve their goals and dreams. Website: Facebook: Liv by Ciara Wimby Twitter: @livbyciarawimby

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