Clara de Freitas

Clara de Freitas developed her passion for yoga in Vancouver in 2002. After her very first class, Clara signed up for the 30-day challenge that started the very next day. Yoga immediately became a daily practice, a passion and a discovery into a new world of unlimited potential. Directly aligned with Ayurveda, which was a deep interest, Clara's journey began. In 2005 Clara was involved in a serious car accident, tearing her intercostal muscles and restricting the breath to small sips of air. Her commitment to her practice became her lesson in the healing power of yoga and pranayama. Seeking no other treatment besides yoga, she found her pain lessened after each daily practice. Within the year, Clara went to Thailand for her teacher training with Prana School of Yoga and a deep thirst to learn everything about yoga. Clara firmly believes that yoga is a healing modality that can transform people's lives regardless of their “dis-ease” and enhances the balance between body and mind.

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