Coraley Letcher

I came to yoga through dance. The current of movement shared by both disciplines has always run strongly and surely through my bones, flesh and soul. And while dance will always be my first love, teaching yoga feels like coming home to me. My creativity and need for movement flourish fully nestled in the belly of yoga's spirituality, philosophy, and connected-ness. I have always learned far more from my students than I ever did from my teachers, reference books or training. To me, teaching is, and should be, a cyclical exchange. Yoga is the embodiment and manifestation of this ideal. Whether teaching, taking a class, or doing a solitary practice, yoga enables me to share the gifts I have to share, and to receive those that are there to be received. Through teaching yoga I find fulfillment in the relationship between teacher and student as the energy, growth, experience, and joy touch both equally during practice. It is my full intention to bring love, light, inquisitiveness and openness to every class I teach. May you be free, peaceful and joyful both in your practice and life. Namaste. Website: Facebook: Coraley Letcher Yoga Twitter: @CoraleyLetcher

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