Cynthia De Pecol

Holistic Life Coach Cynthia De Pecol truly lives from the inside out, and encourages her clients to live this way too, in order to co create their most awesome life. She is a Reiki Master, KRI Certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher. Her 15-year business helps transform hundreds of lives through intuitive, simple, self-empowering gifts of perception and action. This allows a new paradigm for living where success, joy, vibrant health, calm mindful clarity create harmony between body, mind and spirit.  She became a seeker of truth as a teen growing up in Toronto to live a life of optimum preventative health, expansive harmony and vibrant graceful wellbeing in all aspects of life.  This took her to India, Europe and around the US studying with Masters of Meditation, Ayurveda, and yoga in order to be a full expression of what it means to live fully present in the moment. She self published a book on 10 steps to be happy living in the moment, and is part of Carolyn Myss book, “Invisible Acts of Power.”  Cynthia writes a weekly newspaper column offering nuggets for living a happy, healthy wholesome life. She gives interactive presentations and workshops on gifts for the seasons. She combines a unique fresh mix of ancient and modern knowingness to promote actions in her clients that uplift, inspire, engage and support their living a rich, rewarding, fulfilling deeply joyful life. She cares deeply for her clients, continuing to refine and re define what it means to be a luminous natural cutting edge life coach! Cynthia home schooled her children for years and indulges her gifts for singing and dance with concerts, chorales and performances as they bubble up from within. She lives with her husband, children and five pets in bucolic Washington Ct. Check out her website at Cynthia continues opening up  to cool worldly opportunities in the name of  being a student of life in all things organic, healthy and whole!  Website:

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