Danette Wallace

Growing up, my grandfather taught me about the hidden truths of the world. I was exposed to everything from new age spiritual teachings and mystical religious sects to conspiracies and secret societies. With all this knowledge, there was very little that surprised me as an adult. That is, until I opened my eyes to something that had been in plain sight all along: The monetary system. I was blown away that I had always accepted the money system as “just the way it is.” I was the kind of person that questioned everything. Why hadn’t I questioned this? This led me on a long journey to understand our monetary system and its origins. Along the way, I began to study alternative economies and their systems of equitable resource sharing. From this knowledge, I came to realize that creating new structures, rather than trying to fix current ones, is what will create lasting results. On my website I go into more detail about these new structures. Visit my website [www.DanetteWallace.com](http://danettewallace.com/) for more.

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