David Talbott

David Talbott is a self-taught comparative mythologist in the neo-Velikovsky tradition. With a B.S. from Portland State University in education and political science along and a year of graduate work studying Urban Studies, he is currently Editor in Chief of the ebook series, The Universe Electric. Talbott's work provides a new and radically different vantage point on the origin of many different ancient symbols and themes that are seen in different civilizations, and alternative histories of our solar system. Some of these theories go as far as to say that at one point the Earth orbited Saturn and not the sun. Saturn, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all play important roles in his many different theories. Talbott has written and co-authored numerous books including ?The Saturn Myth? and ?Thunderbolts of the Gods.? On top of this, his work is the subject of two documentaries titled ?When the Gods Were Planets? and ?Remembering the End of the World.?

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