Debra Kochanczyk

I am very privileged to have traveled extensively around the globe. I currently live in Abu Dhabi the Capitol of United Arab Emirates. I have been resident here for the last ten years during which it has been exciting to see Dubai and Abu Dhabi explode onto the world forum. It is because of this experience that I find I am able to communicate and connect on many levels with those who frequent my classes from many different cultures and countries. The journey of Yoga has taken me on an exciting path of self-discovery and personal growth. It has been my pleasure to study with Shiva Rae in India, Deepak Chopra in Canada, Simon Low in London and Michel Besnard in Thailand. It is through my Yoga that I discovered the Yantra art which I spend much my free time exploring.  I love the Symmetrical and geometric designs that I am able to bring to life with color. I enjoy providing them as tools for meditation or just as works of art. I intend to establish my own Yoga school this year and am excited at the prospects of passing on my knowledge to those who wish to embark upon their own Yoga teaching journey. I feel very blessed to have been so successful and want to share my blessings and insight. Spreading the seed of yoga one person at a time has always been and will continue to be my passion. There is no better feeling than when I have been thanked for giving someone the power of a personal practice, or to offer a ray of light in what was a dark place or  even just to put a smile on the face of a stranger. “As space welcomes sunlight, Yoga welcomes you.” Contact Debra at

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