Desi Bartlett

Desi Bartlett M.S., CPT, has been teaching health and wellness for over 18 years. Her innovative approach to teaching is to tap into one's inner joy and let movement be an outer expression of that state. Originally from Chicago, she has earned a degree in Kinesiology, a minor in dance and her Master's degree in Corporate Fitness. Desi holds advanced certifications in Yoga, Personal Training, Pre & Post Natal Fitness and Group Fitness. She is also a continuing education provider through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Council for Personal Trainers. Desi's inspiring and unique classes have been featured on networks such as ABC, Univision and Lifetime. In 2005, Desi was named ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. In that same year, she helped open Equinox Fitness in Santa Monica as their Group Fitness Manager. In early 2006 she was a presenter for NikeFitnessAcademy at the University of Southern California and also worked as the product director of fitness for Gaiam, teaching 'Yoga Dance Fusion,' at Gaiam's 10th annual LOHAS conference. As an extension of her relationship with Lululemon Athletica, Desi designed the first round Yoga mat on the market, the 360 mat. She created a special class format based on the design of the mat, which is called 360 Yoga-Flow. Desi also filmed her Prenatal Yoga DVD on the 360 mat, inviting in a feeling of freedom to the movement for expecting moms. In 2008, Acacia released two DVD projects created by and featuring Bartlett. The first title,' 3 in1 Total Body Fitness,' is a triathlon style, full body workout, the eclectic DVD combines 30 minutes of strength training to sculpt and tone; 30 minutes of cardio to train your heart, boost your energy and endurance; and 30 minutes of flexibility training and stretching to lengthen muscles and open stiff joints. The 2nd title,' Yoga for Beginners,' includes two unique practices, one an active, easy flow for complete body toning, the other slower and deeper for building long, lean muscles.There is much more to come from Desi, so sit back, relax and stay centered.

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