Desi Faraci

Desi Faraci has been in many facets of the creative field for over 25 years. In the last two decades, she has been a freelance writer for various local and international publications regarding the arts. Her career has spanned from a professional fine artist to a commercial art consultant and later a music therapist as well as clothing designer. Now she concentrates on family life, raising two children along with painting, textile design, music and writing. Since 2005, Desi became interested in all things paranormal and esoteric. She personally has experienced several out of body and near death experiences as well as divine channeling. Her passions include art, crystal healing, flute and world percussion therapy, community outreach and embracing all planetary gifts of natural origin. Due to past unexplained experiences, Desi became an avid researcher on phenomenons and is also currently writing a book about her personal encounters. Her truth seeking journey has taken her from the East Coast USA to Central America and finally ending up in the enchanted Wild West. Now she resides in the remote mountains in Colorado along with her family. Her goal is not only find answers but also to share the knowledge obtained.

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