don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

A direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a Nagual - a Toltec Master of Transformation. At the age of 14, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. was called upon to translate Madre Sarita's prayers, lectures and workshops from Spanish into English. From performing the prayers, Ruiz Jr. realized the potential of faith. For the past eight years, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. has applied the lessons learned from his father and grandmother to value and enjoy his personal freedom while obtaining peace with all creations. After decades of training, Ruiz Jr. is now finally ready to share his vast and extensive knowledge. As a Nagual, he advises others in the discovery of personal optimal physical and spiritual health so that they may attain their personal goals. Doing so by merging the wisdom of his family?s customs with the knowledge gained from his journey, Ruiz now helps others realize their path to personal freedom. Today, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is married with two young and healthy children.

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