Dr. Klaus Kaufmann

Dr. Klaus Kaufmann is a holistic life sciences counsellor, well-known scientific researcher, author, and lecturer and in his own assessment the last ‘renaissance man’. Kaufmann, after working for Air France for five years and for K&N in various overseas positions, became editor for the poetry magazine CONTACT (some of his poetry can be found on his website). Following a lifelong concern with health and healthful living, he became Assistant Publisher for Alive Books in Vancouver, BC, Canada, studied health sciences and eventually turned freelance writer. Since 1980, Kaufman has written many books on healing and alternative approaches to nutrition and medicines. His best known works include The Joy of Juice Fasting (1990), a timely approach to weight loss and health; Eliminating Poison in Your Mouth (1991), a study on mercury amalgam’s use in dentistry. Making Sauerkraut and pickled vegetables at home written with co-author Annelies Schöneck has been reprinted several times since 2000. Kaufmann produced numerous bestsellers, in particular the noted Silica - The Amazing Gel (2nd Expanded Edition 1997) and its companion volume Silica - The Forgotten Nutrient (2nd Revised Edition 2001). These are the world’s authoritative works on silica’s uses in healing and prevention and make Kaufmann the foremost authority on nutrient silica. Among other things, the silica works led his doctorate and to an appointment as Founding Member of the Advisory Board of Fiji Water. Kaufmann’s latest work is Kombucha Rediscovered - Revised! Published in 2013, it is a completely new look at this versatile health drink’s successes and increase in worldwide popularity since Kaufmann’s first work on Kombucha that was published in 1995 and republished in 1996 due to selling out so quickly and became a trendsetter for the art of making Kombucha at home and for its consumption for improved health. In the last few years Kaufmann has been studying the nature of beliefs, astrology and yoga and their connections to healing from within and without. He is currently researching and writing a new work on nutritional benefits of modern health foods, scheduled for 2014 publication. Kaufmann and his wife Gabriele van der Molen met in Johannesburg, South Africa, married in Namibia and lived in the Far East before moving to Canada, Today they live below Burnaby Mountain in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. They also own and operate an overseas transportation company for over 16 years based in Vancouver and called Astra International Moving & Shipping Inc. Website: www.thehealer.ca

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