Dr. Kristen Bentson

Dr. Kristen Bentson is a nutrition and healthy lifestyle expert who will inspire you to Change Your Meals & Change Change Your Life™. Dr. Bentson is a high energy health and wellness speaker, a nutrition coach, healthy foodie, and toddler mom. Her favorite place growing up was the stage so it was fitting that she would move to New York City and get a degree in Theater. About halfway through college, a bunch of pretty intense health issues stood between her and the Great White Way. She knew she had to figure this whole how to get and stay healthy thing out. So, she added pre-med to her to-do list, dedicated herself to becoming a healthy life doctor, and convinced her then fiancé (now husband, Scott) to join her. What came next? After undergrad, she spent four years getting a chiropractic degree, two years doing a nutrition masters, moved to charming Bethlehem, got on staff at Lehigh Valley Health Network, opened her own practice, spoke to eager audiences, had a baby, and created YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition. As the creator and owner of YouAnew, her mission is to help you create a body and life you love. Kristen works one-on-one, in groups and online with people who are looking to make a big change in a healthy direction.  Every day, she inspires individuals to transform the way they look and feel by changing their approach to food. Her motto: Live long, Live Strong and Look Fabulous doing it! Website: www.kristenbentson.com Facebook: YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Twitter: @youanew Instagram: You Anew Nutrition Pinterest: Kristen Bentson

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