Elea Faucheron

Founder of Move Think Smile, Eléa Faucheron is a voice for physical, mental, and emotional health. Who is she really? A professional life coach, a writer, an athlete, an entrepreneur, and an artist. She's devoted her life to questioning, healing, and learning from all life has to offer. "I started Move Think Smile because I wanted to improve my life and the lives of those around me. I love working with entrepreneurs and athletes building mental, physical, and emotional strategies. Not only reach their goals, but to stand in the power of who they want to be! I believe my work matters because we easily forget what is important. We get knocked down by stress, lost in to-do's and endless mind chatter. My question to you is...How do you want to use the time you have left? Because let’s face it, life often appears as if it is getting in the way of living. Enjoying this journey, relishing in the ups, the downs and the middle grounds, is truly far more inspiring than simply maintaining it!" ~ eléa Website: www.movethinksmile.com

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