Erin Watson

Erin Watson was born in Nova Scotia to wonderful parents and is sandwiched in between two equally fabulous sisters. As the middle child, Erin often made a point to stand out from the crowd. Though her uniqueness wasn't always understood in tough places like junior high school, Erin persevered and is grateful those experiences made her the creative person she is today. In her days as a competitive dancer, Erin was afforded several travel opportunities that exposed her to different cultures and climates, which instilled in her a deep respect and admiration for the differences between people, but also an understanding that we also all come from the same love. In high school she excelled at being the top geek, and went on to pursue an overly long 5.5 year stint as an undergraduate studying performing arts, psychology and sexuality. In that time she worked as a peer health educator and health/fitness coach at a women’s gym. Her keen interest in healthy relationships and sexuality led her to continue her education at the University of Guelph where she recently earned her Masters of Science. It was through seeking ways to cope with the competitive and often rushed atmosphere of academia (and the physical and skin ailments that came with this stress) that ignited her passion for holistic health and beauty. In school it became a necessity to find ways to maintain life balance, improve mental health, and cure physical ailments in ways that fit her demanding and ever changing schedule and budget. Erin took her first yoga class and fell in love! She has since incorporated meditation into her daily regime too. A complete lifestyle overhaul resulted in a huge boost to her sense of happiness, peace and well-being. Erin, since, has stopped trying to get anywhere, and instead is really noticing the beauty of life around her, the journey the universe has in place for her. She now recognizes that success has many definitions and healing comes from within when we pay attention to all our bodily, emotional and spiritual needs. Currently (though she maintains she is still an East Coaster at heart) Erin is living in Ontario with her wonderful boyfriend (and dance partner) who has caught her contagious happy and healthy outlook on life. She is a proud auntie and is still thrilled every day for the opportunity to teach and learn from her amazing undergraduate students. Websites: Twitter: @sxltychallenge 

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