Gary Schwartz

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is the director of Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health and a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona. After receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard, Schwartz went on to become a professor of psychiatry and psychology at Yale University. He later served as the Director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center and the co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic. Dr. Schwartz is also an author and the Corporate Director of Development of Energy Healing for the Canyon Ranch Resorts. He is best known for his controversial experiments with mediums and energy healing. Dr. Gary Schwartz first became enthralled with psychic ability when driving. While stopped on a highway, a voice told him to "put his seat belt on" just moments before he was rear-ended by a car going 50 MPH. His VERITAS research project, which concluded in 2008, was created primarily to test the hypothesis that the consciousness (or identity) of a person survives physical death.

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